How to tell the boy about sex

Using your child's authority, you can teach him something. If the boy thinks that the last word about baseball, cars and algebra belongs to the father by right, then he behaves as if he knows the subject well, and speaks freely about it. Ten years of silence about sex Buy Generic Viagra Online can greatly undermine the credit of trust granted to you.

In fact, sexual learning begins a few months after the birth of the child. Children begin to play with the genitals as soon as they learn to manage their hands, usually in 5-6 months. Contrary to Freud's teaching, this is just ordinary childish curiosity and the study of yet another unfamiliar part of the body and the surrounding world, although even the baby is more comfortable with manipulating this zone than in studying other parts of the body.

The increased interest of the infant to its penis usually makes the parents nervous. In my opinion, there is no need to explain that to beat him, to take them away or, as suggested by more progressive authors, to distract him with the help of new toys is by no means the best way out. Approximately at the age of one year, when the child will have more opportunities to explore the world, his attention will switch itself.

Children begin to talk about their genitals, barely learning to speak. More often than not, they quickly realize that parents do not share their interest at all, and leave this topic, continuing, however, to experiment and discuss such things among themselves when parents are not around. Sexual games of same-sex and opposite-sex children are a normal part of the growth process. You can not prevent this, especially since there is no harm from them.

Your first active step in sexual learning is the ability to avoid infantile euphemisms in a conversation with a child. Use the correct genital name. Answer the child's questions as soon as they are asked; Do not postpone the answer later - because the child will find it elsewhere, and you will never hear such a question again. Do not shy away from discussing such topics, but in the first few years, do not give more information than the child is able to absorb. If he is wondering where the children are coming from, it's enough to say that they come out of Mom's stomach, and stop at this.

Later the child will need a more detailed explanation, and if he does not ask about it at the age of 5-6, then you'd better start the conversation before his friends enlighten. If you are always frank with him, then it will not be difficult. He, of course, will receive the usual rough version from friends and from the media, but if you are his authority, there is a chance to improve the situation. Children who learn about sex from their parents can avoid successive disappointments and failures much more successfully. Unfortunately for most adults, "sexual instruction" of children is in traditional conversations about birds, bees, pistils and stamens.

I still remember the embarrassment with which I listened to my father explaining some realities of life. He was as embarrassed as I was, but he understood that he had to fulfill his duty. At that time, sexual relations seemed to me only one of the incomprehensible areas of adult activity, from which they, oddly enough, enjoyed themselves. In my opinion, it was the same as watching tedious films, where nothing, at first glance, does not happen, or drink disgustingly bitter drinks like coffee and whiskey.

I knew that sex was somehow connected with the birth of children, but I could not understand why he liked adults so much. Naturally, such actions seemed to me wildly grotesque and, most importantly, taboo; And for a ten-year-old boy this is enough to get very interested. When the father explained that the man is introducing a penis into the woman's vagina, he actually did not tell me anything new, but was so serious that I had the impression that the sexual act was a kind of religious ritual. This confused me even more, since my friends and I assumed that everything was the opposite.

I breathed a sigh of relief when he stopped spreading about the genitals, but then it all started to be completely incomprehensible: the father was talking about women "selling themselves". I never heard anything like it and did not understand how this relates to sexual intercourse. Why should they sell themselves? In general, the conversation with my father did not add anything to my knowledge.

If you feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable when talking to a child about sex, it's best not to talk to him. He will also feel uneasy, and he will not learn anything. Give him a good book on this topic. And please do not send your son to talk to your doctor, since the doctor is likely to be embarrassed as much as you.

Teaching adolescent birth control and precautionary measures against sexually transmitted diseases causes many parents to become enraged. They are convinced that this means teaching children how to sin with impunity, and are convinced that such knowledge pushes students toward increased sexual activity. As a result, a teenager either does not receive information at all, or this information is presented at such a level that schoolchildren are not able to learn how to behave rationally.

Fortunately, most adolescents reach adulthood, without suffering from excessive sexuality and avoiding devastating consequences. The greatest catastrophe is not venereal diseases, and not even early pregnancy, but early marriages. Even if the bride is not pregnant, this is not the best beginning of adulthood.

In conclusion, I note that sex among adolescents is not as common as many people think. In 19 years, 40% of American girls and 20% of young men retain virginity.

Sexual Bodies

With age, the testes slowly decrease in size, and the release of testosterone is reduced to a minimum, but none of these changes should affect the sexual life of a man. Spermatogenesis during the period from 20 to 80 years is reduced by half, but nevertheless remains within the norm. Age should not reduce sexual desire, and impotence is never a sign of old age - this is usually a consequence of the disease. A healthy man is capable of reproduction until a very respectable age.

Maintain a regular sex life. The general age-related slowdown of most of the functions also affects complex neural and vascular interactions that provide the possibility of intercourse. Achievement of an erection will take more time, and for ejaculation a long stimulation is needed - such changes could improve the sexual abilities of even some impatient young people. A man who leads a regular sex life, usually it is easier to adapt to this.

However, with sexual passivity for 10 or more years, the unexpected detection of such changes can become a shock for men. Many, finding themselves in such a situation and not understanding what is happening, immediately give up, lose faith in their strength and live with the conviction that old age has destroyed their sexual abilities. Despite all the efforts of medicine, the sexuality of most of these men is never restored.

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